Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thoughts on the 3-day programme

Overall, the course has been very interesting and useful. I have picked up a lot of information and background about recent developments on the Web, and some insights into possible applications for the Wireless in Wales Museum.

Sangeet clearly has an excellent grasp of her subjects, and her presentation has been clear and straight-forward, and the selection of topics has been relevant and interesting. She has been able to respond to questions and demonstrate relevant examples.

During the course I and my colleague Mair have been able to develop ideas and strategies for the ongoing progress of the Museum's web presence, and a report which we are currently producing for the Museum's managing committee will benefit widely from our experience here.

If I may make one word of criticism, it is the somewhat 20-century mode of presentation - writing on a flip chart. A better alternative would have been an on-going document on the intelligent whiteboard, which could than have been saved and emailed to attendees as a useful resource. Although I do appreciate the wide range of resources available on the Wise Kids site, I would also, personally, have appreciated some printed notes, if only outlining the steps to be taken for the various exercises, making it much more straight-forward to practice at home or at work later.

In summary - an excellent course which I have enjoyed and found challenging.


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