Thursday, 17 November 2011


I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content and the delivery were just right, we all had to work hard. I found some part of the practical content difficult because it is not something I  do on a regular basis, however it was well worth the effort, and has given me an understanding of the skills staff will need to develop the Web 2 content we are so keen to provide for and with users. The course was very timely, as the county council is looking at a new  website system and the Senior Leadership team are aware that we need to change our online provision to meet the needs of our customers. Previously control was the most important consideration when it came to web content but this will now need to change. The course has given me the knowledge needed to plan the Web2 provision and with the knowledge the confidence to be able to argue the case with corporate ICT  if I encounter problems regarding the route we want to take. Previously we knew we should have a Facebook page and a twitter feed but now I know why and how to persuade others of the benefits.
It was a pity that more North Wales library staff attended, no matter how busy we all are this would have been 3 days well spent. I would really like there to be a follow up course in 3 months time, as I am sure that I will need further advice and support as we roll the new services out.

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