Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Welcome to the collaborative site set up for the:New Media and Information Literacy Programme for Librarians in Wales.


About this Programme
This was a programme delivered by Sangeet Bhullar (WISE KIDS) on New Media and Information Literacy for Librarians in Wales, and funded by CyMAL and delivered in 3 geographic areas across Wales between September and November 2011.

It was unique in that it was structured to be delivered as a two day face-to-face programme followed by a day three after 6 weeks. In that time, participants had to undertake a 'project' to help their libraries move on in the understanding and use of new digital technologies and information literacy. They were linked up in a collaborative blog (this one!) and during the actual training days and in between days two and three, they also had to document their ideas and progress as well as provide web links/descriptions of their 'projects' once these were developed.

In terms of content, the programme aimed to provide librarians and information professionals with an insight into:
  • current web developments and the implications of these developments in terms of how we search, network, keep up with new developments, discover new information and professional networks, learn and socialise online
  • new ways of creating and organising content, searching for and distributing content. Examples covered will include blogs, micro-blogs like Twitter, podcasts, etc.
  • effective use of social media (like Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube) as well as specific cloud-based collaborative tools to collaborate internally as well as engage and educate, service users.
  • how to create a customisable and multimedia blogs/wikis/social network with video.
  • sourcing legal-to-use picture/music/video content.
  • managing privacy, identity, data and reputation management in a Web 2.0, social and mobile media space.
  • the 21st Century Information Literacy Skills needed to evaluate the reliability of content on the web, and to manage eSecurity issues like spam, viruses, spyware, phishing, identity theft, online grooming and cyberbullying.
  • legal issues like copyright, illegal downloads. 
This blog clearly demonstrates the journeys and learning undertaken, and provides a snapshot of where libraries are in their adoption and use of Web 2.0 technologies. It also highlights the participants own understanding of how new web technologies and social media can be used by libraries to offer better services, and to deliver information literacy in new and innovative ways.