Thursday, 17 November 2011


Where to start? 
Sangeet was a fantastic trainer who tried to pack as much information into the three day course as she possibly could. I have taken away so many ideas and suggestions that I hope to be able to introduce, not just in my place of work but also to my way of working.
It's essential that the library service keeps up with developments in technology and the changing needs and expectations of their users - this course has provided a great introduction to these and more importantly pointed us in the right direction, or 'what to do next?' I would suggest that this course and it's content be identified by libraries in Wales as a training need not just an optional training opportunity, it's too important to ignore!
The break between days two and three was a good thing, and it would be really useful if we could have regular 'catch up' sessions with Sangeet . Some form of ongoing online support would also be much appreciated.

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