Programmme Feedback

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I have taken away so many ideas and suggestions that I hope to be able to introduce, not just in my place of work but also to my way of working. It's essential that the library service keeps up with developments in technology and the changing needs and expectations of their users - this course has provided a great introduction to these and more importantly pointed us in the right direction, or 'what to do next?' I would suggest that this course and it's content be identified by libraries in Wales as a training need not just an optional training opportunity, it's too important to ignore!

The course has given me the knowledge needed to plan the Web2 provision and with the knowledge the confidence to be able to argue the case with corporate ICT  if I encounter problems regarding the route we want to take.

The Wise Kids training is truly excellent. It's fast and furious in the best possible way and very interactive. It was good to get some of the background to the new technologies which did help my understanding and made me think about the different uses for the various social media. I think we must all start using these tecnologies more, not just for promoting libraries and our role to the public but also for professional networking and sharing of ideas and online and digital resources.

Although I already used many of the technologies mentioned I did pick up a few new ones I hadn't heard of and learned many tips for improving the way I use them.

I think I have a better of idea of how to use our existing online presence to promote the Library Service more effectively, as well as develop other tools and resources. Some information that I learnt on the programme will also be useful to share with other staff within the service and I am looking forward to talking with others about it as well as developing our project further to become a useful resource for library staff.

I enjoyed each of the days and learned a great deal about social websites etc. However the most important thing i will take from this course is that it has clarified my thinking with regard libraries and their use of social networking sites. Before this course if you had asked me if libraries should make use of such sites I would have said yes definitely but with very little idea of how this could be done successfully. This course has shown how the different sites can be brought together to form a cohesive and professional looking product that places your library in the virtual world.

I’ve learned new skills, but I’ve actually applied them during the programme itself. This has made all the difference. ...A key ingredient in the success of this programme, I think, was to split it up into two parts; with ‘homework’ to complete during the intervening weeks. We had space (with a deadline at the end of it) to show off our newly acquired skills and it was so inspiring to see what the rest of the participants had achieved. We are all using what we learned right now to enhance client support. Amazing.

I have learnt so much from this 3 day course, it has been a hands on course which has left me with some practical skills that I am already using in my working role and personal life.  

I am excited about using these skills to interact with our users and as a new form of communication with other staff. Finding out what other libraries/librarians are doing has also been really interesting.

Given me the tools and the enthusiasm to take it back and find ways of using Social Networking to promote libraries to the public.