Friday, 14 October 2011

Powys Virtual Library

How to manage Powys library presence across a variety of social media

Rob Davies - Powys School Libraries

This an idea I had for including Powys schools in the Carnegie/Greenaway book shadowing project.

Staff Blog

Mind map for a library staff blog which will be used to allow staff to add content, view training materials and discuss topics of interest to them. As well a being a useful staff tool this will provide the ideal pilot project for future projects involving public access.
Hi I'm Carys Roberts and I work for CyMAL. I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days on the training course and I've learnt a lot of useful things. I've created a mind map concerning ideas for library development and how social media could be of use to them.

Project for Children's Library Services

I'm intending to co-ordinate Children's Reading Groups within Cardiff libraries to create a private Readers' Blog community.

Introduction to Mair Jones

My name is Mair and I attended this course as a recently appointed Learning Development Officer for the Gwefr heb Wifrau / Wireless in Wales Museum in Denbigh.

I am not very computer literate and struggled a bit to to the technical tasks during the three day course. I am however a complete convert to the value of publicising the Museum through the social media network.

My aim now is to co work with Alyn Ashworth, the IT Advisor/Volunteer within the Museum to make a presentation to the Museum Team about a social media strategy.

Lots of ideas but will we get the go ahead from the powers that be?!?!?

Sharons Mind Map

Hi everyone, my project is to look at using screencasting tutorials as a way of showing people how to find "stuff" on the web in preparation for an RSC Wales short webinar session.  Taking one element, i.e. RSS Feeds, my mind map has helped me plan the different elements of the screencast.

Alyn's Mindless Map

Hi - I'm Alyn Ashworth, a volunteer at the Wireless in Wales Museum, in Denbigh. I've been asked to make recommendations regarding the Museum's use of the Web, and IT usage in general.

This is my first attempt at using, and as I'd sloped off from the course early, I wasn't sure of the exact requirements, hence the somewhat off-the-wall contents of the boxes. Sorry!


Llyfrgelloedd Gwynedd Libraries - Calon Cymuned

Helo bawb, Kelvin ydi fy enw i, ac rwyf yn gweithio i Cyngor Gwynedd fel Hyfforddai Proffesiynol Llythrennedd Gwybodaeth yn y Gwasanaeth Llyfrgell. Rwyf wedi canfod y cwrs yma o'm budd gan iddo gyflwyno syniadau newydd a ffres ar gyfer cynllunio gwasanaethau ar gyfer y dyfodol. Rwyf am ddefnyddio blog fel rhan o'm gwaith ar gyfer y cwrs i nodi ymgyrch newydd yr wyf wedi ddyfeisio sef Calon Cymuned.
Hi everyone, my name's Kelvin and I work for Gwynedd Council as a Professional Trainee Information Literacy as part of the Library Service. I found this course to be beneficial by introducuing fresh new ideas in order to plan services for the future. I am going to create a blog as part of my work for this course to note the progress of a new campaign I have devised which is called At The Heart of the Community.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

John Spalding Library - I have a plan

My name is Sian and I am a librarian at the Maelor Hospital in Wrexham. Part of my job is being a member of the web development team. Following recent marketing training, we have been re-designing our intranet pages to make them more attractive and useful to different customer segments.

Through attending this course, I have been shown how our library service could better exploit free Internet resources. For my project, I would like to first share the things I have learned with my colleagues and then set up a blog to help keep both staff and library members up to date with library news and innovations. The blog could have a Useful Links section, tag cloud, About Us section and static pages with Contact Information...

See you in November.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Lots to think about

The course gave me a lot of ideas as to how we could use Web 2.0 tools to help both our library members and colleagues. Like most people I'd heard of or used sites like twitter and facebook, but was unsure how they fitted into forwarding and promoting library services. Sangeet let me see how social media software can be put togather to give the library a unified corporate brand online, with a human voice. My mindmap shows how after liaising with IT and the corporate department I would like to complement our current static intranet site with a blog, screencasting, podcasts and a presence on twitter, facebook, YouTube(...the list goes on). Google software, delicious and could be used to help librarians collaborate on projects much more efficienctly than via email. Lots to do and think about before November. Sian

Mind Map for Denbighshire

Here is an example of how my mind is working at the moment. As with everything it is all down to time, imagination and what they will let us get away with! Youtube could be a great boon for livening things up a bit and the idea of adding the catalogue to Facebook should be great if we can find the coding to do it. Using Twitter to communicate with Book Club users could be fun, if the members can be persuaded to become twits... is that the right word??