Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pat's Feedback

My thoughts on the 3 day training programme, devised and delivered by Sangeet, are that it’s probably the most beneficial, practical course I’ve ever attended. One of the most enjoyable too!

I’ve learned new skills, but I’ve actually applied them during the programme itself. This has made all the difference. In my experience, what usually happens after attending training is that copious notes, taken on the day, never really get translated into practical work. The ‘day job’ and time constraints always take precedence. Not this time though.

After day 2 I left bursting with knowledge (on the background & development of Web 2.0) and ideas of how I would use the new tools we’d been let loose on (some of which I’d never even heard of before, let alone used) such as Bubbl.us, Muvee Reveal, Tweet Deck and various widgets (which bloggers call gadgets).

I now know about the importance of using labels to find your stuff and how to successfully embed. I’ve seen many (previously unknown to me) useful websites such as ted.com and videojug and feel the need to get my hands on a Flip video camera. I can’t wait for my mobile phone contract to end - so that I can get a Smartphone & download useful apps such as audio-boo. I could go on . . . (but I won’t).

 A key ingredient in the success of this programme, I think, was to split it up into two parts; with ‘homework’ to complete during the intervening weeks. We had space (with a deadline at the end of it) to show off our newly acquired skills and it was so inspiring to see what the rest of the participants had achieved. We are all using what we learned right now to enhance client support. Amazing.

 I would certainly welcome continued support from Sangeet. She took about 10 minutes, at the end of our last session, to show me how to expertly tweak my project into something much better. She takes a real interest and if left to my own devices, I would probably have taken hours to achieve the same result (or given up trying).

Following the end of the course, we have been given access to numerous, really helpful, resources related to Digital Security. This is a subject that should concern us all and is something I will be raising with students during future LRC inductions.

I would like to keep in touch with WISEKIDS to help me stay on top of Web 2.0 developments; if Cymal are able to provide follow up support sessions, perhaps on an annual basis, I would definitely sign up for them. Brillo!

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