Friday, 11 November 2011

Cardiff Met Uni Libraries - Creating a simple wiki for Textile Students

I've set up a Wiki for a specific module that's starting in January.  It is for year 1 Textiles and aims to provide inspiration, ideas and where to go for further resources and information.  They can also contribute and share ideas and practices as well.

It's very much a work in progress as I only got the go-ahead a few days ago, so the 'look' of it and overall content will certainly not be completed by Monday.  But if you want a sneaky peak, it's up there on Wikispaces.

Any other tips, or suggestions duly appreciated!

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday. :)

Vale of Glamorgan Libraries - Promoting events in the Vale

After the last course I spoke to my manager and we agreed that I would use Twitter to publicise events coming up in the Vale during Libraries Fortnight and maintain a blog as a record of what took place.
It took weeks before our IT people sorted out my access to social networking and I still don't have full access, so most of my tweets have had to be made using the old mobile phone from our now-defunct Mobile Library. Sigh. I am not sure I'm ready to add a link to my blog from the Vale's website yet.

It's been a steep learning curve, as has my other project to set a geocache at each of our libraries (which took far more time than I would have liked), but I think I'm winning.

Looking forward to Monday's WISE KIDS session. Hopefully things will sink in then!

Update from Newport Libraries

Hello from Newport. Just a quick update on what web 2.0 technologies we have managed to take forward since the wisekids training.

Reported back to my Manager and had a very positive response with a green light for our small web 2.0 technologies working group to create a blog for our Book Express service and a twitter account. [libraries and Information Online Newport] service.

Bolg address
Twitter account @readmoreLION we have added a link to this from our online library catalogue LION

Using Hootsuite to manage and schedule the tweets and have just started with a few practice tweets this week.

Will add a link to The Book Express blog from The Book Express web pages and LION shortly.

We are planning to have a service policy for web 2.0 technology before the end of December.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cardiff University Library - Creating a tutorial for my library colleagues using Screenr

Hi everyone!

I'm Haley from Trevithick Library, Cardiff University. For my project, I created a screenr screencast tutorial for my colleagues encouraging them to engage in our social media tool, Connections, and how to get the most use out of the IT Manual that we have created there.  I presented the screencast at our annual staff refresher session.  Some said that it was a crafty way to avoid standing up in the front of the room, hah!  Here it is in case you'd like to have a look:

Looking forward to the last WISE KIDS day on Monday!


John Spalding Library - Project Progress Timeline

Hello again. Here's how my project has gone, so far.


1. Wrote up notes from Part 1 of the course, adding links and extra details. Emailed notes to colleagues across NW NHS Library Service

2. Went over ideas from the course with my line manager and decided on creating a blog to help Welsh Health Librarians communicate developments and innovations. Agreed to set blog to be accessible to author only until finaly approved.

3. Contacted Corporate Communications regarding setting up blog. Asked if there were any specific guidelines to follow (including policy on bilingualism).

4. Received reply allowing blog to go ahead.


5. Started designing blog. Added static pages, useful links, adjusted time and permission settings.

6. Attended marketing meeting in Bangor. Went over progress so far. Showed everyone what the blog looked like. Got feedback and nore ideas. Recommended course to colleagues.

So although the blog is not available for everyone to see just yet, I feel that quite a lot has happened since the first part of the course and hope to see the blog go live very soon.

Best wishes,

Sian x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Project update for Flintshire Libraries

Here is a more detailed breakdown of my project plans:
I have met with my manager and discussed my initial idea of creating two separate blogs to demonstrate the potential for our service and users :
1. Libraries in Flintshire - to promote library service to the public
2. FLIS FALLS - a tool for staff to share and 'cascade ' any new service developments or training with colleagues.
These examples will be presented to colleagues and management before going live.
In addition to I am also going to be reviewing Flintshire County Council's policy for social networking (and creating business plans where necessary!) to see what other aspects of the WiseKids sessions we can introduce to the service.

Project: Business Case for blog for CyMAL Sector Training Programme

Hi All

Please find a link to my hypothetical business case for the CyMAL sector training programme. It's a starting point if I was to set up a blog for this purpose.

Business Case for Blog for Sector Training Programme

Before I wrote the blog I did a mind map to help me focus my thoughts on the advantages of having a CyMAL sector training blog.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody from the mid Wales event again at the end of the month!

My screencast project - Sharon Crossan, RSC Wales

Hi all, unfortunately due to other commitments I won't be able to make the final days training session so this is my post on my project.

I wanted to create short screencasts on how to subscribe and search for RSS feeds.  I had never created any screencasts before but on recommendation I used a service called Jing to create them.  I found it very easy to use and pleasantly surprised by the results. All going well you should be able to view them here:

Using screencasts means that we can save time in the onlien session and also have a resource that people can watch over again until they are able to do it, rather than follow a set of instructions.  It can also be used outside of the session too.

On a visit to one of the colleges in Wales I was talking about this course and my screencast project which has inspired them to have a go as well!

So there we have it, I'm happy with the results hope you like them too and enjoy the final training day :-)

Getting there!

Emma and myself created a private staff wiki using google sites including information about events, links, calendar pages and our bulletin. We're still working on it so we'll tell you more on Monday!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A horse in the library

Libraries fortnight got under way at Llantwit Major library last Saturday when Hannah from Dimlands riding school visited the library and had her photograph taken with some of the thirty children that turned up. She was a beautiful, gentle pony who loved carrots and all the fuss she was getting, and even looks rightly proud of her new library card!
Dimlands also donated a riding lesson for the event, which was won by the aptly named Anna Groom (pictured).

Monday, 7 November 2011

Finally made it!!

Hi everyone,
My name is Kate Leonard and I work for Flintshire County Council as Community Librarian for Flint and the surrounding area. I left the two day course filled with ideas and enthusiasm which have only slightly faded with time and the reality of our corporate social networking policy.
My project will be a 'double demonstration' of the potential of blogs in both service promotion and staff training. I hope to share these examples with colleagues and management (as well as this group!)
See you in a week or so!