Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Feedback from Jeff Harrison

The three days have been a real eye opener for me.  The ideas and the possibilities are much greater than I thought and the fact it is available free means we can bring a much better service to our uses as well as marketing the service more widely and effectively.  We have already started working on Facebook pages for the Youth Service and the Library Service, with Flickr being used for the Arts Service pages.  A demonstration is planned for lead officers showing the potential of Web2 and I will be suggesting the use of screencasts and linking in twitter with the facebook pages and the use of video virtual tours posted on Youtube.  I would not have been aware that most of this was possible but for this course.

I certainly think that refreshers would be useful and perhaps regular updates about new developments that we could utilise.  Perhaps Cymal could fund generic information videos and such like for publicity or assist by funding content design/production courses.

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