Thursday, 17 November 2011

Swansea Libraries Project

Our project was to create a wiki or mini-website for Swansea Libraries staff, to include communication tools as well as useful resources for staff, to help them plan events and displays in their libraries. Staff will need to login to view the pages so they will not be accessible to the public. We used Google Sites to create the pages, adapting an existing template to reflect the branding style and colours of our library service.

The pages include;


The Home page, a summary of the rest of the site, a like button for our Facebook page and a gadget displaying the Swansea Libraries Twitter Feed

A Google document for library staff to amend to include their library event listings, this will then be submitted to the local ‘What’s On’ magazine

A bulletin board to help keep staff informed about new Service information, they will be notified automatically by email when new information is posted, but can easily refer back to it here

 A Google calendar showing events, festivals and national campaigns that may be useful for staff, each event includes basic information and a relevant weblink

The Swansea Libraries public blog, embedded as an RSS feed

And finally an ever increasing list of links to useful websites, subdivided by category

We discussed the pages we had created with some of the senior managers of our Library Service and they helped us to see other ways in which we could develop the site in the future and encourage staff to use it

We have started with these few pages but we would like to develop them further and create more, to provide a useful and extensive resource for all Swansea Libraries staff.

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