Thursday, 17 November 2011

Feedback from Torfaen Libraries

I have enjoyed the Wisekids Web 2.0 training very much. It has been informative and interesting throughout the 3 days. In fact, it has been amongst the best training I have had since working for the library service.

I can see the relevance of social networking for libraries and believe that a new generation of library user will be easier to contact on the www than by another means. We offer many resources online now including ebooks and rather than this excluding traditional customers I believe the service has expanded to encompass people who might not otherwise be using our facilities.

I had already set up a Facebook and Twitter page for our library service before the course but had never used a blog. I learnt how to use social networking to its best advantage and the found tips and tricks, including Hootsuite, very helpful. I now use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter accounts from one page and I am able to instantly see when someone has messaged me so I can respond quickly.
I enjoyed contributing to this blog page and felt quite confident when setting up our blog for Torfaen Libraries. I have embedded a Twitter feed and Facebook link to the page and will continue to add features and links as I discover more about Blogger.

I found the internet safety session very useful. I have decided to investigate running some 'Cyber Savvy' courses for young people. I think that children and teens have been forgotten about to an extent. We assume they know how to do everything, but in fact their knowledge of maintaining a 'positive presence' on the internet and protecting their information, is shockingly limited.

It would be great to have a follow up session in the future and to be able to contact Sangeet with questions as and when they arise.

Thanks very much Sangeet.
Best wishes,

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