Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 3 Feedback

I have learnt so much from this 3 day course, it has been a hands on course which has left me with some practical skills that I am already using in my working role and personal life. It was very helpful having people from different types of libraries and with varying levels of knowledge and skill in social media technology on the course. I felt inspired after day one of the course and that hasn't left me. There will be challenges taking web2.0 technologies forward in our service but I feel more able to advocate their value for the services we deliver.

It will be useful to continue to have access to this blog, we will have one place to come and share our experiences and the knowledge and skills which will hopefully continue to grow. Potentially this could become a place to record some best practice in the use of web2.o technology in Welsh libraries and to showcase any exemplar projects.

Many thanks to Sangeet and to everyone on the course for helping me take my first steps in using web2.0 technologies.


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