Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 3 Feedback

Thaught on three day feedback....

When we first got started on the course material, I really thaught that we at the National Library of Wales were too far ahead using web2.0. I found people asking questions and matters were arising that we had already developed for example, some of the librarians on the course did not have atwitter account until recently, were we have been tweeting for the past two years.... however, I learnt alot during the three days and deffinetly found it very useful back at the office. There were aspects that we had not developed fully, like linking our different social media accounts to our Facebook. On a personal level, i learnt how to set up a blog page, RSS feed embedding videos and a twitter feed to it. In work, the IT office did this on my behalf....

Support wise, I'm not sure.Again, as we are developed our web2.0 services and i have good IT support at work, different to other libraries i hear i don't think i will be requring much support. I will look forwad to following the blog to see everyone elses progress in the near future.


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