Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Feedback about 3 day course from Mair Jones

I had reservations about coming on this course, organised by Cymal as I am not very computer literate and have never received any formal training.

I am however a keen user of facebook and have become aware that the social media network is now key to any Organisation to make itself known to the wider world.  Although i did struggle through the tasks, I am even more convinced following the Course that the Museum needs to have the social media as a core part of its PR Strategy.

I have absorbed a great deal of information that Sangeet has in abundance. She is clearly up to date on all the developments in this fast moving field. I found there to be an overload of information at times particularly as it is such a new field to me. It would have been helpful to have received some written notes.

Thank you for convincing me Sangeet that a social media strategy is the way forward for the Museum.
I now need time to familiarise myself with the actual process of writing blogs etc and to read all the helpful links that are available on the WiseKids website.

As regards support in the immediate future. I will be co working with Alyn Ashworth on presenting ideas from the Course to the Museum Team. He will hopefully be able to support me on the more technical side of this. It might be helpful to be able to attend a refresher course or a further one day course in about 12 months time, to  further develop my skills/abilities in this field.

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