Friday, 23 September 2011

Anna's Project Plans

This is me!
Hello, my name is Anna Davies and I work within Cardiff library service. I am a library assistant and I'm currently based in the Children's Library.

Using the knowledge and skills I've picked up during the 2 days at the WISE KIDS training, I plan to create a tutorial about creating a blog for my collegues. I'm (hopefully) going to use camstudio to create a screencast.

I'm also hoping to set up a google site for the children's department so we can put our book and homework resources/links online. On this site I would also like to include a screencast tutorial on how to use the library e-reference.

In the future (hopefully soon) we will also set up a children's library blog to complement the current Cardiff Libraries social media presence (blog, twitter, facebook).

Looking forward to day +1.


Helo everyone! As you know I'm Sian. I work in the marketing office at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. I enjoy what I do and I have learnt a great deal working in marketing over the past two years. I hope to one day complete a marketing degree. As part of my job i tweet, update Facebook and Blog on a daily basis. We also have Flikr and a You Tube channel. I found the training in Newport great, although I have a basic knowledge about the developing social media world! I have all ready written a short report emphasising what we can develop and begin to do.

After some thought i have decided to create a short presentation to my colleagues in the office on how we can develop our use of social media and also create a 'how to guide' for two of my colleagues who have never tweeted before! I will do this by using Google Documents, Slideshare, video clips and photos.

Wish me Luck!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hello my name is Melanie Sheridan.  I work for Newport's Community Learning & Libraries Service as their Virtual and System Services Co-ordinator.  The Virtual and System Services team are responsible for the two MIS systems that manage Community Learning and Libraries.  We maintain the web pages for the corporate website and also develop services on the web-based customer interfaces for the MIS systems.  These services are called CLeO and LION.  The team are also responsible for a unique online book borrowing service for the public, called Book Express.  We are long overdue using Web 2.0 technology and this series of training days arranged by Cymal and delivered by Wisekids will enable us to take the use of this technology forward.  We will start by developing a service policy on the use of social media technologies.  Our first project will be to develop a Blog for the Book Express service.

Implementing new skills from Wise Kids- Haley Arnold

Hello all!

I'm Haley Arnold, Senior Library Asst and IT Support Asst at Trevithick Library, Cardiff University.   I am first contact for all queries in the library and as I cover both Library and IT, I have a lot to keep on top of!  Some of the IT-based tasks I carry out on a daily basis are offering support for printing or computer queries.  I am also in charge of facilitating promotion of campaigns on all the plasma screens within the Cardiff University libraries as well as training for the digital software used with these screens.  I, along with three colleagues, make up the editorial group that are responsible for tweeting on the collaborative Cardiff University Library service twitter account. 

The two day part of the wisekids course introduced a lot of tools that I already use on a daily basis but has taught me how to pull all of these resources together to link up in a collective way to stay connected and make my work more efficient. 

I intend to create a tutorial with screenr, the screencasting tool introduced by Sangeet that I had not used before. I'd like to use it to demonstrate how to navigate to an existing IT Manual wiki. This would be particularly useful for evening and weekend staff when IT support is unavailable.

I look forward to the third day of the workshop.  Thanks Sangeet..Wisekids is a great project, and I'm happy that Cymal is sponsoring it. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reflections on yesterday's session

Here are some initial  reflections on how I would hope to use what I have learnt on this course.  Newport libraries are just at the start of using web2 technologies to communicate with their customers.  The overview of what is possible shown yesterday has really been very timely.  I will start by reporting back to the senior management team and look for 2 or 3 projects we can take forward with the operational teams, the virtual and system services team and one to explore the value of using wikkis for collaborative working between the staff. Before the course I didn't appreciate the potential of using web 2 technologies for collaborative working with colleagues.


Pat's Mind Map

My mindmap - which was created really quickly (!) - is simply my idea of how I will use new Web 2.0 technologies to enhance the student experience, in the areas where I offer support (Care Sciences) at Glamorgan University . . .
Different technologies will enable me to connect with students in many different ways - offering support for different learning styles and needs. The mind map is my illustration, of how this may look

Mind map

This is a mind map for planning future events at Abergavenny Library for the forthcoming year. I am also looking forward to using twitter today and using this tool to communicate with our readers. 
I enjoyed yesterdays session learning how to create a blog.

Caryl's reflection

Unfortunatley, I had to leave class an hour or so early yesterday so did not complete the 'mind map' section of the course.
I found the information around 'Blogging' very useful and can definately see a use for this (or possibly wiki) with RCT library service, I think this would benefit all the library staff as a way of keeping up-to-date with whats happening ie - new policies, bank holidays, changes to working pattern etc, plus lots more.
I am looking forward to learning more about social networking today, for both my personal and professional use.

Social Media - what areas of academia & student life would it be most suited for?

This mind map is looking at where social media would be most useful for students & academics.  I did a very rough map yesterday of the ways that we could use social media to promote our library services.  A couple of hot topics in the academic library at the moment are Information Literacy and Academic liasion.  Wisekids has got me thinking about how social media can be used to spread information and awareness.  But you can't just do the social media for everything.  Much time and effort must be invested in how we invest in social media and where it's most likely to be effective.

Going foward.

I'm looking foward to going back to the office and having time to go through the information I've taken in over these two days and coming up with plans for RCT libraries.
As well as using Blogs etc. for infroming the public about events, new titles and other general information regarding RCT libraries, possibly targetting differing user groups with differant Blogs, I would be looking at utilising the technolgy as an internal staff training and awareness tool.
My thoughts so far. I  think a blog will be perfect for our service though we will have to check regularly to keep our customers on board

Swansea Libraries: Nat Hudson's Mind Map

I first wanted to have a think about what we actually do already, with a view to see what we are missing out on. One reason for this is because we don't have time, but as this training is beginning to show us already, all the tools we are learning about should enable us to cover  a lot of bases with minimum time and effort. We obviously want to connect with as many people as possible but as well as communicating with customers it could be a useful tool to work with staff in a new and more efficient way, especially with staff spread across so many sites across the county. In a public facing capacity I am also aware that it could be very easy to get very carried away with loading content and straying from the mission statement of the library service. There may be a lot of interesting content that doesn't really tie in with the aims and objectives of the service. When planning to use a tool like this, particularly for myself, I would need a brief document to keep working from to check I am on track.

Potential web 2.0 uses in Trevithick Library, Cardiff University

The mindmap I created includes ideas I hope to be able to put into practice in Trevithick Library, Cardiff University.  I have created a few main aims where web 2.0 tools would be useful including: spreading awareness for students and stff, information literacy, and advertising by sponsors. In terms of spreading awareness for students,  I thought that creating a blog for the library would help add a personal touch to the service we provide at the Library. On the blog, I could talk about all that goes on behind the scenes or when we have acquired new resources, for example.  We could use twitter to tweet about events and use twitter polls to gain feedback.  Also part of spreading awareness is displaying QR codes on the plasma screen in the library could promote our newly created Trevithick Library blog or twitter page, thereby encouraging mobile technologies as well.   Staff would benefit from using google calendar to prioritze task and events. 
We could promote information literacy by embedding youtube videos into our blog on 'citing references', for example. We could also embed slideshare presentations on avoiding plagarism. Finally, on twitter, we could retweet tweets from our sponsors to promote career development campaigns and competitions.

-Haley Arnold, Trevithick Library, Cardiff Unviersity

Fingers Crossed!

My mindmap shows a plan for introducing Blogging to the Reading Groups in the Vale branches.
Currently the reports of discussions in the groups are posted on the library's page on the Vale website, but by using Blogger it is hoped to reach a wider audience. It will be more dynamic because the reviews can be added to by anyone in the group and it is hoped to enhance readers' experience by including author biographies and interviews, subjects for discussion and further suggestions for reading.

Mind map for Torfaen

Torfaen Library Services' Social Networking plan - rough ideas.
The first step is to speak to the senior management team who would need to sanction any new project. When I initially requested Facebook and Twitter it was refused but after showing them evidence of the success in other library environments and satisfying them of the security of the Council's public face, they agreed.
Next I would need the approval of the IT Dept for the County Council.
Publicising the social network of the library service is vital to its success. Links between all sites and webpages; promotion on any literature from the libraries, stamps withing library books etc.
I could also introduce the learners who attend IT sessions, Family History etc to our social network and encourage them to sign up and interact with the library and each other in this way.
Maintaining the pages is all important. I would also need the support of colleagues and to have at least one other person who would update the pages in my absence.

Mapping my mind

My initial thoughts about the current use of Web 2.0 resources and the possible directions that we could go at Swansea Libraries. I'll keep thinking...

Mind Map by Anna

Hello, I'm Anna from Cardiff Library Service.
This is my mind map created on - about my reflections on this training so far.
I work in the children's library so most of my thoughts were about ways we could use this technology with children but I hope to work with other members of staff who currently run the Cardiff libraries blog and other social media sites so that Cardiff libraries have a consistent voice online.

Sian's Mind Map

I found yesterday very interesting and I learnt a lot about aspects of Blogger and embedding tools that we are not using at present on the  NLW Social Media sites . I'm looking forward to today, learning more about Twitter etc and then, going back to work and putting what I have learnt into practice by developing our Social Media sites.