Thursday, 1 December 2011

Powys Libraries - One small step for a man....

The timing for the Wise Kids course could not have been better. The day after the fist two day block I gave a presentation on possible involvement in social media sites to the Powys Libraries management team. It really helped that I had actually used Twitter, Facebook and Blogger by that time. However the team gave me a fairly vague "Well you'd better make a start then" without addressing any of the issues. Over the next month I was quietly asked about how much of my time it would take and other related issues. The team as a whole saw the marketing value of the media without grasping the implications of what it takes to build an audience.
At the next management team meeting I talked about the nitty gritty of who and how and was given the go ahead for a Twitter account and a Facebook page. (Our senior librarian didn't "see any point in a blog"). We are still exploring what to do about a sit/blog for children. Our IT Dept has given me access and we now have a Twitter account, and a Facebook page. All I need now is content!

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