Monday, 28 November 2011

Wise Kids Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed the three day course. I especially found the practical elements very useful, learning how to set up a blog and how to add things to improve the blog, twitter feeds and pages etc. I learnt many new things that I can hopefully implement in the near future.

The third day, concentrating on Information Security was an eye opener to me as I hadn’t previously thought about facebook issues such as if you “check-in” somewhere other than your home that you’re broadcasting the fact that you aren’t at home etc. As a suggestion I would say that I would have liked to have done a few more practical exercises on the third day, looking at further social media tools.

The break between the three days was good as after the second day I was suffering with information overload. It was good to take a breather from it and put what I had learnt into practice with the project and writing blog posts on this blog. I’m really grateful to Sangeet for offering her help and advice to us in the future as I’m sure I will need it!  

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