Sunday, 27 November 2011


Before entering my feedback I would just like to thank Sangeet for 3 very enjoyable and informative days.
1.       I enjoyed each of the days and learned a great deal about social websites etc. However the most important thing i will take from this course is that it has clarified my thinking with regard libraries and their use of social networking sites. Before this course if you had asked me if libraries should make use of such sites i would have said yes definitely but with very little idea of how this could be done successfully. This course has shown how the different sites can be brought together to form a cohesive and professional looking product that places your library in the virtual world.
2.       Not really sure about what support we need except to say that as the focus of the course has been very much on practical applications of the learning it should very much encourage this. I think yearly update courses would be beneficial to provide training on recent innovations in the field and provide an opportunity for different library services to highlight and discuss the work they have done.

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