Thursday, 15 December 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days of the training programme that I could attend.  Although I already used many of the technologies mentioned I did pick up a few new ones I hadn't heard of and learned many tips for improving the way I use them.  I use a lot of these technologies in my role, so discovering ways to manage them more effectively was a great bonus for me.  In addition my role is more of an advisory one, for FE LRCs, so it was good for me to find out what technologies can be used in libraries for both staff and learners and to pass this information on.

I feel I am given a lot of support from various organisations such as CyMAL, CILIP etc but as with many of these training sessions they are run and forgotten about, it would be good to see a follow session maybe a year or so later to find out what has/hasn't worked, how things have changed, and any support needed then.  The main issues I can see are getting access to these technologies and this is where I can see CyMAL playing a role in supporting requests.

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