Friday, 16 December 2011

Feedback on Wise Kids training

The Wise Kids training is truly excellent. It's fast and furious in the best possible way and very interactive.
It was good to get some of the background to the new technologies which did help my understanding and made me think about the different uses for the various social media.
I think we must all start using these tecnologies more, not just for promoting libraries and our role to the public but also for professional networking and sharing of ideas and online and didgital resources.
I know there are sometimes issues within our ICT departments about allowing access to some social media but it is up to us to demonstrate that this is essential for information providers and communicators if we are to communicate most effectively and with our customers and colleagues.
I think it would be useful for staff at all levels to have an introduction to what can be achieved and I think Wise Kids and maybe CyMAL could maybe consider something to help staff be less fearful of new technologies.
It would also be good to have a co-ordinated approach as to what libraries should be offering customers and also how libraries can encourage the public to become part of a digital community.
Than you Sangeet, it was a great course. Maybe an extra day would have spoilt us too much but it would have been well used.
I haven't had much time to get together with Anna to take the children's blog forward, but it's a must for the new year.

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