Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Promoting events in the Vale

Hi there! My name's Andy and I'm Community Outreach Officer with the Vale of Glamorgan Libraries. I think it's the best job in the libraries as it involves line managing the part-time branches and the Mobile Library, going out and meeting the public at coffee mornings and other events to promote our services, finding out what they want from us, setting up Reading Groups in some of our libraries and overseeing the Home Library Service, which involves visiting our housebound readers in their homes and recruiting volunteers to deliver books to them.

My newest task - which coincides nicely with my project - is to maintain a blog of the libraries' activities during Libraries Fortnight in November (1-14), where I hope to include details of the many events we're planning, reports and pictures/video after they've taken place and invite feedback and contributions from those who attended.
My main hobby is bellydancing and I am a member of The Desert Divas Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Diva name Basma, but I also like geocaching, caravan holidays, Flat Holm and playing with my new little dog, Archie.

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