Monday, 3 October 2011

Better late than never?!?

My name is Caryl, and I am a Project Officer for RCT Library Service.  My role is quite varied here, and I enjoy my job very much (which is always a bonus), a part of what I do is to keep a facebook page for our library, although I need to look into this as I believe I should  have a page not a profile...any ideas on how to swap from one to the other would be greatly welcomed lol. 

I enjoyed my 2 days with the Wisekids Project, and found some of the material very useful, but some things I know I will not use again, however it's always good to have even a basic knowledge of whats out there is cyber world!! 

To complete my 'homework' I am compiling an 'idiots guide' to blogging, which I will incorporate as part of a short training session with some of my colleagues, I would also like to do a short podcast which I will circulate around our branches, this video would be a how-to guide to our reservation system. 

See ya in November!

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