Friday, 21 October 2011

Julian Merriman, Torfaen Libraries
A Luddite is dragged into the modern age...
My name is Julian Merriman and I'm currently seconded to the post of Information Librarian at Cwmbran Library in Torfaen. I have never used social media websites before this training so found it quite demanding, but I soon came to realise that there are many opportunities for libaries. The world is changing rapidly and libraries are having to change also to stay relevant and interesting. We have to continue to serve our existing customers, but we also need to cater for our new customers, the tech savvy ones who will look for us on-line and make use of our electronic resources. 'Hits' will began to replace visitors through the doors. With the beginnings of an all-Wales consortium, 'cloud' computing and e-Books, it's become clear to me that Libraries would benefit from skilled and informed inclusion in this New Age.
However, for my small beginnings I thought that my project could be a simple Blog for Librarians to share their experiences of on-line resources, and share good practice for promoting use of all our existing on-line resources, like those that we currently subscribe to, and experiences of the new e-Books consortium which should have its' official launch any day soon.

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